Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vote for me... pretty please

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to check in (been awhile) and tell you about what I have been up to lately. 
Diva the fashion jewellery retailer that's all around the country are conducting a really great competition for those budding jewellery designers out there. 
On their facebook they are giving the opportunity for anyone to upload their designs for a spring session collection that they would like to see.
You create a mood wall (collection of inspirational pics) and also sketches that you have done and people vote on them.
I have created my own and of course my inspiration was ribbon and vintage glam. 
In order to win a 3 day internship in Sydney with Diva you need to be voted in the top 20. I was hoping that some wonderful bloggers would help me out and vote for me. So please click on the pic below and click on "like".

Thanks in advance.

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