Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strawberry picking going on here

Fresh strawberries are one of my favourites and finding them in my backyard is even better.
We have been in our new house now for 2 years and we noticed what looked like a strawberry bush in our backyard. It got effected by the good old Melbourne weather last year when it got to 42 degrees and didn't look so crash hot. Dad rigged up 2 star pickets and cable tied 2 umbrellas on the ends of them so when it was going to be hot we would open them up so they wouldn't get burnt. 
Worked like a charm and since then the bush has tripled in size. 
Today I picked our first strawberries how good do they look...
We had them today with some cream and they were the best. They are also organic as I am a little lacking in the looking after them department but they have done surprisingly well and not many insects have attacked them.
Anway just thought I'd share.

Kim :-)


  1. mmmm
    that may explain the sorry state of my strawberries. The don't seem to have grown at all since I put them in a few months ago!!!
    thanks for the tip

  2. Hi Kim...I have just nominated you for a 'Stylish Blogger Award' as you have a very cute site here, please come over to my site to find out how to accept the award!

  3. Hooray! We had strawberry plants all over the place when we moved to our new house as well, but they never fruit. Sad for us, hooray for you. Congrats on your award.