Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another collection of mine...

Decided to make a theme week of collections I have. This collection is of Blythe Dolls. I got into them about a year ago and I just couldn't help myself and have expanded my collection.
I am going to attend the National Blythe convention in Sydney in march next year, I went last year and it was definitely interesting so thought I'd drag my aunty with me this year for some fun. Just going to do the fly in and out in one day but I'm going to have some fun.
Anyway my collection of dolls has cost me a bit but we wont go into that will we.
Do you think I might have a few outfits.... :-)

Kim :-)


  1. A girl can't have too many outfits! lol You should design and make your own. Looks like a lot of fun and there are patterns out there on etsy you could get.

  2. yeah I've though about that but that would mean trying to find my sewing machine under all my stuff haha :-) there are a lot of talented people out there that can make the most cutest things for me :-) I call it helping out when I purchase from them

  3. I love your beautiful dolls...and of course they need lots of cute clothes! Would love to see more pics of them! Hugs! ♥