Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the world of Blythe

For the past couple of months I have gotten into the world of Blythe dolls- freaky kind of doll that has an abnormally big head for a doll.
Flickr is a massive community for blythe collectors and you can easily find info on blythe's out there in the big wide world.
I caught the bug like I said a couple of months ago when I searched for big headed doll as I saw a photo someone had on their blog of a doll with bright blue wicked hair and I just had to find out what it was... type in big headed doll and look in images, you'll get heaps of pics of blythes.
I investigated a little further and I kind of fell in love with the doll, their big eyes and huge heads are what attracted me to them, sounds weird I know.
Collecting has always been in my blood most of my family collects something.
One of the best websites to get info about Blythes is www.weplaywithdolls.net
They have a great forum that you can surf and find info about the dolls including customising your doll and if you have any questions you can put it to the community and someone will probably know the answer.
This group also holds yearly blythe meets, I attended one on the 19th of June in adelaide and it was great fun.
I have collected 3 Blythes so far I just couldn't help myself. I also have a petite blythe which is a really cute small blythe. they really need names though.
Customising my dolls is my next big challenge, I have so far learnt how to get my blythes head open and have matted her face, matting is where you take the shine off their face with a fine sanding pad- it looks more natural I think to have matted skin.
I have also changed her eye colours and also her eye lashes so they are longer. I got most of the help from either weplaywithdolls.net or http://www.puchicollective.com/tutorials this site is also great for how to's of customising your doll.
Blythe collecting is an expensive hobby. The bigger blythes, about 28cms tall, can range from 100USD + freight upwards and the skys the limited on how much, I have seen some on ebay for $1k so yes a very expensive hobby.
Petite blythes- these are the really tiny ones, about 11cm tall can range from 35USD + freight and up.
There is a lot more petite blythes than the bigger blythes but trying to find clothes for Petite Blythes is hard to come by...
Some good places to buy clothes for both the big blythe and the petite blythes it www.etsy.com and also ebay.
I bought 2 of my dolls from ebay, I have one suggestion for buying blythe from ebay, phantom bid. I used www.phantombid.com to bid for me for my second blythe and I set it so that in the last 3 seconds it would bid for me and I got it... so much easier than sitting on the computer in the last stages of bidding wars on ebay for any item. People tend to bid early on blythes so it can be annoying and costly so watch out.
So if you like weird and wacky things I'm sure you'll love blythes they are much more interesting than your average barbie doll so get on out their in the big wide world of blythe.
If you have any comments on great places to find info on blythe or great places to shop for blythe just drop me a comment.
Thanks for reading... Kim :-)

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