Thursday, July 15, 2010

New dress a day

I can't remember how I got on to this great website but I just had to tell someone about my daily routine of checking this website.

This great girl called Marisa in America has come up with a great idea of altering a cheap dress that she gets from flea markets or op shops each day and creates a new dress or piece of clothing out of it.
She gave herself a budget of $1 a day and each day she has done something fantastic with some type of dress. Massive dresses, bridal party dresses, vintage pieces all types of dresses she gets and turns them in to something great that she can wear that day.
I'm fasinated in how she does things and how dedicated she is, I would have given up ages ago but she's still sticken to it today is day 227 and she has $137 to go and she is in day 2 of bridesmaid week where she is turning really bad bridesmaid dresses into something way better.
So have to give her a massive shout out and why not check out her website like I do pretty much everyday can't miss it.
Kim :-)

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