Monday, January 17, 2011

My other pets

Thought I would share with you some of my pets.
In my previous post I spoke about my cute little froggies, I have 4 of them at night when we have turned the lights off and go to bed they start chirping away I love the noise they make.
Another pet I have is my 2 mice. M&M and peanut here is a pic of peanut she is little bit fatter now though.
Another pet I have is my bearded dragon Fred he is the laziest animal around

 The last of pets is my munchkin turtle he is a short necked turtle and is only about 3-4cms. I got him about 2 years ago I love how small he is. 

My first pet was a long necked turtle and I had him for 18 years before he unfortunately died on Christmas 3 years ago he was the best pet ever. I could go on holidays for a couple of days and he would be fine that is the reason why my dad let me have him. 
As you can see I do not have the conventional dog or cat but I love them all just the same.
What pets do you have?


  1. I once had a tiny turtle that I found crossing the street and rescued. I kept her for a few months until she got a little bit bigger and I decided to let her loose in a lake nearby. Now, I just have my two pups that came as a package deal when I met my husband :)