Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chocolate to some is ribbon to me..

I love ribbon.. I love it even more than chocolate and that's saying something, I do like my chocolate.
As in most diets I have had to restrict my addiction to this wonderful stuff and I have made a pact that I will only buy ribbon when I have run out of a ribbon or I budget it in (which hardly happens).
I have many a place that I get my fix from but I have found the holy grail that meets my every wish.. All sizes and colours that you can think off. Hip Girl Boutique is the best ribbon source around. When I feel blue or need some inspiration for my hair clip making I just hop on this site and click around and there is definitely some inspiration. There is a forum that has great info and hints & instructions for anyone to use.
If you love ribbon or want to have a look at what other people do out there with ribbon check it out you might get the craving that I have haha. 

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