Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buttons... glorious buttons.

I was inspired by little adelaide kate and her pics of her buttons and I had to share with you all my buttons. I just love buttons I have had to ban myself from buying any more. I have actually made things with them like button flowers and various other things.
When I feel down or need some inspiration I just open my boxes of buttons, they always bring a smile on my face. Do you get the same feeling from buttons or some other fantastic crafty item?
Please share....

Kim :-)


  1. Fun! I love buttons, but don't have nearly the amount that you do

  2. *Nods* I do love buttons. Always have. I just love how the come in many different shapes, colors and designs. I also love ribbon as well. I just think that i have a thing for trims and notions. Hehe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. if you like ribbons I'll have to show you my collection of ribbon as you might know I make hair clips and I have so much ribbon you would fall in love. I'll take pic tonight and post it...
    :-) crafting is so much fun and obsessive

  4. Hi lovely, thanks for linking :) Am now a little jealous of your huge collection... Buttons, ribbons... they're like stationary- a drug for crafters! xx

  5. hey meowsy,
    pretty swoon-worthy blog you've got a-going-on in here!
    keep up the top notch work you top notch blogger!
    x x x

  6. I have once bought a blazer in a second hand shop, just to get the cute Armani buttons on it :)