Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Market this weekend

Have to confess I haven't done a market in over 10 months.. Very naughty of me.
St Andrews every Saturday was my ritual, did it for at least a year as a casual and it just seemed so hard to get to be permanent I just couldn't hack the getting up at 5am to get there by 6am... It just got to me.. After the christmas high Jan was just not bringing in enough cash to warrant the long days and lack of sleep so I kind of chucked it in.
I do miss the people and the food.. ohhhh the food. Another reason I gave it in... to loose weight. I'm sure if I was still going to the market I would not have lost as much as I have..
Anyway I was contacted months ago by a mariemont pre school and they are doing their annual fete/market on this weekend and way back I agreed to do it not really thinking but I do need to get me out there again so I'm glad I did say yes.
Preparing has been fun I guess, getting the table out of the garage and remembering all the stuff I use to take, all we need now is some great weather... come on melbourne you can do it... please just for me.
If your interested Mariemont preschool is in Wantirna and the fete/market is from 10-2pm so I get to sleep in yippy...
Hopefully it will be great day for all.

Kim :-)

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  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    I could not handle 5am starts either, I'd be all zombie-like. And the same with yummy market food - too tempting!

    Hope the market goes well and you have good weather.