Monday, October 25, 2010

Market review.. then there was cake

Boy I forgot how much work doing a market was... Fun was had all round though.
I luckily didnt have to get up too early for this market. Lovely Melbourne weather was a bit of a dampener on things though. Woke up to the sound of drizzly rain on the roof so was not the best start.
Got there and found out I was going to be inside anyway so yippy that was a big weight off the shoulders as I only had a big market umberella and that doesn't keep of the rain really.

Anyway got into the swing of things pretty easily. I have lost a lot of weight since was last market and I was very pleasantly suprised by how much better I can do things so it was really easy.
I had the best spot right near the door but not in the breeze so I could hid behind my stall and make bows in the lull of the day. I had a great day. I had some great sales. All up I think I made $80-100 I didnt keep track as I was a bit lazy.. haha
after awhile I just couldn't resist the cupcakes one of the lovely mums had made to sell.

I hope the pre-school made a lot of money I know I had a ball watching the kids run around on sugar highs and getting their faces painted :-)
Can't wait to go next year.

Kim :-)

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