Friday, July 30, 2010

Lets Zumba...... well maybe

My aunty and me decided we'd get the courage up and try Zumba last night... well I can tell you its an experience.

There was about 30 people that turned up to the hall at a church just down the road from my house and I was kind of glad that no one I knew turned up mind you but it was... different.

At first I was a bit scared of looking stupid but half way through I got the hang of it and thought everyone else is looking just as stupid as me so why not go with it.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get an all over body workout.

One of the good things about this class is they get you to use your arms a lot more than some of the other aerobic fitness classes I have done so today my arms are a little tender.

Today my body isnt too bad in the hurting department but I can feel I have done something as most parts eg. thighs, upper back, arms are all a bit wobbly today.

So google zumba and see if there is a class near you, there is a lot of community based classes that aren't too expensive we paid $5 for our first class and it will be $14 for every other class I'm hoping my body can withstand it and to do 2 nights a week and I'll be buff in no time I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Kim :-)

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  1. Good for you Kimberley!
    I've seen the adds on tele for the dvd's & was thinking about getting them.
    Looks like fun.